About TruBit

About TruBit

About TruBit


The world of cryptocurrencies continues to evolve, and it is through your support we have been able to stay and journey in this exciting industry. Mexo rebranded to TruBit Pro, starting October 3rd, 2022. For the roads ahead, the teams at Mexo have thought long about how we can extend our gratitude to our users. We concluded that it is staying “true” to earn the “trust” from you that brought us thus far.

TruBit expresses its passion for the crypto world. Tru stands for Truth and Trust, Bit comes from Bitcoin! Whether you are an individual or an institution, we aim to better serve you as we will continue to carry the mission and vision of building a comprehensive crypto ecosystem to fit all your needs!

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Your #1 stop to buy, sell, and convert cryptos, FREE transfers, pay, and earn more!
  1. TruBit Card with highlighted exciting card features, including 5% Bitcoin Cashback, the ability to spend crypto directly, no annual fees, and worldwide Mastercard protection.
  2. TruBit Earn+ offers the easiest way to subscribe to Flexible yield products to grow your crypto anytime.
  3. Pay Friends in 1 second and with 0 fee.
  4. Convert any two cryptocurrencies instantly.
  5. Simply scan QR code and enjoy cashless shopping with Crypto.

TruBit Pro

The #1 comprehensive crypto exchange tailored for LATAM pro traders.
  1. TruBit Pro offers order books with top-tier liquidity and a suite of order types to satisfy traders for every scenarios.
  2. Trading Perpetual Contracts with TruBit Pro's high performance matching engine and advanced functionality, all while enjoying world-class security.
  3. Grid Trading Bot helps you automatically buy low and sell high 24/7.
  4. Buy Cryptos with over 30+ fiat instantly through convenient Local Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card and P2P market.
  5. Spin Wheel in Reward Center to explore a variety of crypto airdrops, prizes, and trendy merch we are well prepared for you.

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Trade Anywhere & Anytime

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A Comprehensive Crypto Ecosystem for LATAM Users

Customers discover and begin their journeys of crypto through TruBit.

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