A Message From The TruBit Team

A Message From The TruBit Team

Dear TruBit users,

Recently there has been a lot of anxiety, skepticism and panic about the global economy and the crypto market. In particular, the unfavorable macroeconomic environment has affected all asset classes, including crypto assets, as the US Federal Reserve's interest rate hike could also rise further with quantitative tightening.

The price collapse of the stablecoin UST and its partner coin Luna, as well as the troubles of Celsius, 3 Arrows Capital, and BlockFi have added to the recent volatility in the market, with many investors feeling more anxious than ever, trying to find peace in the midst of chaos. We can see that after several market cycles, the cryptocurrency industry has become more resilient and complex than ever.

In recent years, our team has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge through various market cycles. We are one of the most trusted digital asset trading platforms, and we will continue to operate as normal. At TruBit Pro Exchange, we will continue to create amazing and innovative products to be more and more at the forefront, we will continue to build an increasingly robust work team and we will continue to attract great talents to join our team and thrive during this bear market even stronger with all our users.

We are currently preparing for a new wave of large-scale adoption of crypto assets, we believe that this trend will continue and will not stop in this market cycle.

We understand that the assets that users preserve on our platform represent their responsibility and ideals, and we assure you that with our top notch risk management team, first class security control, strict compliance system with appropriate operational and legal regulations, as well as as a solid financial structure; no effort will be spared to provide them with a full range of services on an ongoing basis regardless of the circumstances. The TruBit team is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will provide you with all the assistance you need.

Thank you for your continued trust and support!

TruBit Management Team

June, 2022


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