MMXN P2P: Discover a quick and easy way to buy your MMXN

MMXN P2P: Discover a quick and easy way to buy your MMXN

MMXN P2P: Discover a quick and easy way to buy your MMXN

In this article we will show you the easiest way to acquire your MMXN via Peer to Peer on the platform of Trubit Pro, our partner.


What is Peer to Peer?

Cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing the way the world interacts with money. Peer to peer, or P2P, is one of the many ways these new currencies are changing the economy. Traditionally, money has been exchanged through intermediaries, such as banks. However, Trubit Pro gives you the opportunity to buy or comevia P2P, which means that users can interact directly with each other.

Peer to Peer has a lot of advantages. For example, users don't have to pay fees for making transactions, and transactions are faster and more secure. In addition, the P2P model allows users to maintain control of their own funds, making it difficult to confiscate or steal.

In short, this innovative method will allow you to buy your MMXN directly from other users using the preferred payment method and in national currencies.

Are you ready to live your P2P experience?

Remember that before trading on the Trubit Pro P2P platform, you must set up:

  • Trade name
  • Commercial password.
  • KYC Verification. -Payment Methods

Step 1

Visit the Trubit Pro page

  • Open "Trubit Pro", click on "Login".
  •  If you do not already have a Trubit Pro account, you have clicked on "Sign up"

Step 2

Select the Buy Crypto button at the top of the homepage and click on the P2P section.


Step 3

Select MMXN and choose the listing according to price and payment method


Step 4

Choose Buy MMXN.


Step 5

Ingres to the amount you want to buy along with the business password.  Click Confirm Order.


Step 6

Make sure the transaction information is correct. Go to the platform on which you will make the transfer.  Select the payment method, complete the payment in less than 4 hours and click on Confirm payment.


Important: To maintain a good business environment, if you have not made the payment correctly, do not confirm the payment.

If you have not completed the payment within 4 hours, the system will automatically cancel the transaction and record it as a cancellation order.

Step 8

Wait to the seller release the digital assets.  Once you've released them, you can check your Balance in portfolio balance.


Step 9: Use your MMXN as you prefer!

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