Take advantage of 16% APY with MMXN!

Take advantage of 16% APY with MMXN!

Take advantage of 16% APY with MMXN!

Accumulate MMXN on autopilot to earn APY and get more interest.


What is APY?

In the cryptocurrency world, the term APY is often used, which refers to the annual percentage return you can earn on your capital for a year.

How can I make a profit with my MMXN?

Trubit Pro allows its new users the possibility to acquire MMXNs and keep them locked for the purpose of earning profits. In operation, this is similar to a time deposit made at a bank. The user "lends" his MMXNs in exchange for earning interest.

What is the difference between earning interest with MMXN and a bank?

Usually, banks offer you an interest rate of 3.65% because you lend them your assets, considering that the inflation rate is 7%, that is, this interest rate will only serve to recover 3.35% of what you will have lost due to inflation. We offer you a 16% first week interest rate, almost 5 times more than the banks!

In other words, you will receive a 9% return than what a bank offers for being a new user.

Moneta Digital has the vision of being an inclusive company that helps the Mexican economy in a context in which NOT everyone has access to a bank account.

Remember that after the first week, the yield for a longer term will be 5% per annum.

Remember that before operating on the Trubit Pro P2P platform, you must configure:

  • Trading name
  • Trading password.
  • KYC verification.
  • Payment methods.

Step 1

Visit the Trubit Pro website

  • Open “Trubit Pro", click on "Login".
  • If you don't have a Trubit Pro account yet, click on "Register".

Step 2

Select the "Earn +" button at the top of the home page.

Step 3

Select "MMXN" and click on "Earn".

Step 4

Select the amount and confirm the order.

Step 5

Start earning MMXN while you sleep!

Remember that you can choose to subscribe to the flexible term or fixed term products and start earning.

Moneta Digital was designed to transform Mexico's digital economy through the first stablecoin on par with the Mexican Peso.

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