How to set Grid trading?

How to set Grid trading?

How to set Grid trading?

Users can enter grid trading on the spot trading page of Mexo, and Mexo grid trading can only use the assets in the spot wallet. Mexo currently supports 6 grid trading pairs: BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, ADA/USDT, XRP/USDT, XRP/BTC, EOS/BTC.


Mexo grid trading settings can be divided into: AI strategy and individual strategy

AI strategy: Use the backtest data of the past seven days and the recommended optimal setting parameters. If users use grid trading for the first time, using AI strategy may be a better choice.

Individual strategy: Users manually set grid trading parameters.

Grid Trading Parameters

Common settings

Highest Price: the highest price in the range

Lowest Price: the lowest price in the range

Grids: That is, how many pending orders are placed within the price range you set. Mexo supports 2-99 grids settings.

Investment: How much funds users use to conduct grid trading

Whether to use dual currency

For example, the user's wallet has the two currencies required to open the grid, such as BTC and USDT.

If you choose not to use the BTC in the wallet, all USDT will be used for grid trading, and the bot will automatically buy a certain percentage of BTC at the market price when the grid transaction is opened.

If you choose to use the BTC in the wallet, the BTC and USDT in the wallet will be put into the grid trading, and the bot will automatically start the pending order after the grid transaction is opened.

Grid type

  • Arithmetic: That is, the amount of profit generated by each grid is the same, for example, each grid can generate 5 USDT profits. More suitable for a smaller price range.
  • Geometric: That is, the rate of return generated by each grid is the same, for example, each grid can generate a rate of return of 0.5%. More suitable for a larger price range.

Using different grid types, each grid’s pending order price and profit will be different.


Advanced settings (optional)

Trigger Price

After setting the Trigger Price, the bot will start according to the preset trading parameters when the market price of the trading currency reaches the Trigger Price. If the market price does not reach the Trigger Price, the bot will not be turned on.

Stop Loss Price

The Stop Loss Price setting must be less than the Lowest Price. When the trading currency price falls to the Stop Loss Price, the bot will trigger a stop loss operation and sell all trading currencies in the user's account. This will help users prevent higher losses caused by falling prices of trading currencies.

Take Profit Price

The Take Profit Price setting must be higher than the Highest Price. When the trading currency price rises to the Take Profit Price, the bot will automatically close the order to prevent the trading currency price from falling and the bot will sell the currency at a high price before buying again.


How to open grid trading?

AI strategy

In the AI strategy mode, users only need to choose whether to stop loss and set the total amount of investment to start.


Individual strategy

In the Individual strategy, the user can click "Click to Copy AI Strategy Parameters", the system will automatically fill in the AI Strategy information, and the user can make changes.

Users can also start grid trading after all manual settings.


For example:

The user selects the BTC/USDT trading pair in Mexo grid trading, and the settings are as follows:

Highest price: 25000 USDT

Lowest price: 20000 USDT

Number of grids: 50

Total investment: 1000 USDT

Then the bot will divide the price range into 50 equal parts within the price range of 20000 USDT-25000 USDT, and conduct uninterrupted high-sell-low-buy transactions in this range.

If the trigger price, stop profit and stop loss price are set, the bot will perform the corresponding operation after the corresponding price condition is reached.


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