Alpha Finance Lab (ALPHA)

Alpha Finance Lab (ALPHA)

What is Alpha Finance Lab (ALPHA)?

Alpha Finance Lab —— An Ecosystem of DeFi products on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum
  1. Alpha Finance Lab is focused on researching and building in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space. Alpha Lending, the first product built by Alpha Finance Lab, is a decentralized lending protocol with algorithmically adjusted interest rates built on Binance Smart Chain.
  2. The ALPHA token is the native utility token of the platforms. Current and planned use cases of the ALPHA token includes liquidity mining, governance voting, as well as staking.
  3. Alpha Finance Lab aims to work on the following:
    • Allowing Sustainable yield-generation.
    • Alleviating impermanent loss in liquidity provision.
    • Building privacy-preserving token swaps.
    • Allowing lending with fixed interest rates.

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About Alpha Finance Lab

Alpha Finance Lab is a cross-chain DeFi platform that looks to bring alpha to users across a variety of different blockchains, including Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum.

The platform aims to produce an ecosystem of DeFi products that address unmet needs in the industry while remaining simple to use and access. The first product built by Alpha Finance Lab is Alpha Lending, a decentralized lending protocol with algorithmically-adjusted interest rates.

Leveraged yield-farming platform Alpha Homora was the second product launched by the platform, whereas AlphaX — a non-orderbook perpetual swap product — is scheduled to launch in 2021.

ALPHA is the native utility token of the platform. The ALPHA token has the following planned and current use cases:

  • Liquidity mining: Users will be able to earn ALPHA token as rewards for providing liquidity in Alpha Lending.
  • Staking: ALPHA token holders will be able to deposit tokens into a smart contract, which utilizes these tokens to cover any default loans. Users who stake their ALPHA tokens will receive a portion of the platform's revenue.
  • Governance voting: Governance will be implemented on two levels via a DAO: product-level governance and Alpha Finance-level governance. Product-level governance will allow ALPHA token holders to govern key protocol parameters of specific products, while finance-level governance will allow ALPHA token holders to govern how the portfolio of Alpha products interoperate.

Alpha Finance Lab will implement governance via a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) allowing ALPHA holders to vote on the specifics of future Alpha products, and decide how they interoperate. This governance procedure is split over two levels: product-level governance and finance-level governance, giving token holders a great deal of control over the future of Alpha.

Alpha Finance Lab Project Team

Alpha Finance Lab (ALPHA) launched in 2020, following a public token sale on the Binance Launchpad.

The platform was founded by Tascha Punyaneramitdee, Alpha Finance Labs' project lead and a former head of strategy at Band Protocol. Prior to her position at Alpha Finance Lab, Punyaneramitdee gained extensive experience working with global financial firms — most recently working as an investment banking analyst at Jefferies from 2017-2018, and product manager at technology giant Tencent from 2018 to 2020.

In addition to Punyaneramitdee, the Alpha Finance Labs core team also includes lead engineer and blockchain researcher Nipun Pitimanaaree, a graduate in Mathematics and Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) who won a gold medal at the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) four years in a row.

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Alpha Finance Lab Project Realization Mechanism

Perpetual loans: Once users deposit their assets as collateral, users can borrow and obtain liquidity without any deadline or payment schedule. The asset utilization rate (the proportion of total deposits lent out) will determine the interest rate for borrowers and lenders. Since the utilization rate reflects the borrowing demand for assets, the higher the utilization rate, the higher the corresponding borrowing cost, which means the higher the borrowing interest rate.

Binance Smart Chain: Alpha Lending is the first lending protocol on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It uses BSC's fast transaction processing time and low transaction fees to bring crypto asset holders to the wider DeFi community Yield, there is no restrictive entry barrier.

Cross-chain assets: Alpha Lending mainnet will support a variety of encrypted assets. We will provide users with more detailed information about assets and provide risk assessment reports for each asset.

Tokenization: Alpha Lending will tokenize all deposits. When users deposit assets, they will receive alTokens that follow the BEP-20 standard (for example, receive alBNB when depositing BNB). AlTokens are interest-bearing tokens that will always carry the value of the deposited amount and accrued interest.

Alpha, like comp, is a lending platform and has liquidity for mining. The only difference is that ALPHA claims to be leveraged and leveraged for liquidity mining. If the platform develops in the lending field, ALPHA has unlimited possibilities.

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