What is APTOS (APT)?

APT - the native currency of the Aptos blockchain
  • APT is the native currency of the Aptos blockchain, highly similar to SOL on Solana.
  • APT has one billion tokens in total, which will be launched over the next 10 years.
  • Part of these Tokens are intended to support the initiatives of its foundation: APTOS Foundation, giving the currency a 'social' character.

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About APTOS and APT

Originally APTOS was a Layer 1 Blockchain, designed to give security and reliability to the transactions made here. This Blockchain was developed over a period of 3 years, where 350 developers gradually improved it.

The Aptos Blockchain offered users the opportunity to create smart contracts quickly, with security and performance, which were not available in other blockchains such as Solana. In addition, this blockchain is advertised to integrate quickly into Web 3.0, due to the fact that the project arose from the ashes of Meta's DIEM project.

As part of its ecosystem (which already included a Wallet), Aptos launched its APT token, following in the footsteps of Ethereum and Solana. It was then in October 2022 that the cryptocurrency was released with an initial supply of 1 billion tokens of which:

  • 510 million were distributed to community members.
  • 190 million to core developers.
  • 300 million to the Aptos Foundation and private investors.

The Aptos Foundation

The Aptos Foundation currently has 410 million APTs in total, which are planned to be launched over the next 10 years. This organization was created to support ecosystem projects and digital community growth initiatives, where entrepreneurs can submit their projects to receive support in the form of APT tokens.

In addition, this organization has a fund of 5 million APT to support the Aptos Foundation's initiatives, which are not related to the crypto ecosystem, but of a social and political nature.

Furthermore, the Aptos Foundation has to self-regulate using the 100 million APTs that are earmarked for operation, plus it functions as a real-world foundation, as anyone can become a private investor by donating/buying APTs, and in return you can get up to 7% APY annually in case you want to invest in the project.

APT's perpetual contracts

APT was launched on October 18, 2022 and it was possible to start buying on some Cryptocurrency Exchanges. But the problem with APT perpetual contracts started when they were listed on other companies like Binance.

Perpetual contracts or futures are a type of contract that allows investors and crypto users to bet on asset price movements. Shorting means you believe APT will go down in price and being long means APT will go up.

These types of contracts, coupled with users learning that more than 50% of APT's supply was in the hands of investors, caused crypto-users to begin to doubt the project and the reliability of the cryptocurrency.

This caused large exchanges to announce plans to have their own perpetual contracts to incentivize the purchase of APT, although it resulted in the coin losing 50% of its maximum value: 10 USD.

After this difficult launch, APT stabilized at a price around 4-5 USD per token, so exchanges started to increase their supply according to the demand for the token.

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