Hashflow (HFT)

Hashflow (HFT)

Hashflow (HFT)

Hashflow (HFT) - The cryptocurrency that works with the transparency technology called 'decentralized oracle', which always guarantees the best price.
  • Hashflow (HFT) is the cryptocurrency that is part of the Hasflow ecosystem, which has an exchange and a payment platform.
  • Its reward system is based entirely on 'Liquidity mining' matching technology.
  • In addition, its price is also stabilized with the 'decentralized oracle' technology, which helps it to be compared with similar cryptocurrencies to set its price at the best standards.

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What is Hashflow (HFT)?

Hashflow (HFT) cryptocurrency exchanges is part of a decentralized that uses blockchain technology to facilitate trading between buyers and sellers worldwide. The platform focuses on solving common problems in the cryptocurrency trading industry, such as illiquidity and lack of price transparency.

Hashflow was founded in 2020 by the ConsenSys team and is backed by major investors in the crypto industry. The platform uses an innovative matching algorithm called "liquidity mining", which rewards liquidity providers with HFT tokens for providing liquidity on the platform.

The idea behind Hashflow came about after the ConsenSys team conducted extensive research into the problems faced by traders in the cryptocurrency industry. They discovered that most trading platforms had liquidity issues, resulting in costly trades and non-transparent pricing. This led to the creation of Hashflow as an innovative solution to these problems.

Since its launch, Hashflow has attracted interest from major crypto industry investors, including Blockchain Capital, Electric Capital and Dragonfly Capital. The platform has also established strategic partnerships with other cryptocurrency projects and companies in the industry, including Uniswap, Aave and BitGo.

In April 2021, Hashflow raised $3.2 million in a funding round led by Dragonfly Capital and Electric Capital. The platform has used these funds to continue to develop its technology and expand its market presence.

Hashflow (HFT): What makes it different and why invest?

One of Hashflow's key features is its focus on pricing transparency. The platform uses a "decentralized oracle" that connects to multiple pricing sources to ensure that prices are accurate and updated in real time.

Another interesting feature of Hashflow is its ability to provide access to deep liquidity to platform users. This is achieved by connecting multiple blockchain networks and exchanges to leverage liquidity from multiple markets.

On Hashflow, you can trade with no slippage and full "MEV" (Memory Extracted Value) protection. The platform has a fully native cross-chain exchange functionality, which does not use bridges or synthetic assets, enabling seamless trading on one or more chains with guaranteed price execution.

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