Optimism Crypto (OP)

Optimism Crypto (OP)

What is Optimism Crypto (OP)?

Optimism Crypto (OP) - the token created to lighten the loads on the Ethereum network.
  • Optimism is a very fast Ethereum L2 blockchain that works at low cost.
  • Its main goal is to make the Ethereum network faster and lighten its overall load, having ten times cheaper blocks.
  • It works thanks to Optimistic Rollups technology, which helps to group transactions into several to avoid generating charge on the main network.

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About Optimism Crypto (OP)

Optimism Crypto (OP) is a collective that has created a new model of democratic governance. It is a 'Rollups' type of 'scalability' technology, which is tasked with making Ethereum network activities faster to achieve more transaction speed without losing network security.

Optimism Crypto or OP is a digital currency that has an estimated value that can be used as a basis for the creation of the network.

Optimism was introduced in June 2019, but it was not until 2021 when it achieved global support and completely within the Ethereum and EVM network. Its use basically is to allow multiple transactions to be transacted in a single transaction, so processing on the blockchain will be faster.

In order to make Optimism work that way, the network runs through Optimism Virtual Machine or OVM, which is a derivative of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). From there all developers can use Ethereum DApps and launch them directly on the Optimism network, thanks to its code-level compatibility.

For that reason, the OP network is one of the most widely used currently for running DApps, as its design makes it something very easy to use, this because users simply need to activate a contract in Ethereum to create a block within Optimism.

In addition, Optimism's ability to be able to run any Smart Contract on Ethereum makes it perfect for full Web3 and DeFi development, making it one of the chains ready for the next era of the internet.

The cryptocurrency Optimism Crypto (OP)

Optimism Crypto or OP is a digital currency with an estimated value starting from the US dollar, but without the need to be a stablecoin as such. A total of 4,294,967,296 were issued, of which more can be added if the community so requires, since the main objective of this crypto is that it does not exceed 2 dollars in estimated value.

The Optimism Crypto (OP) community mentions that the value should not fall below the dollar value either, so in case the price is falling, there are burning systems to control the volatility of OP. The same OP community mentions that they have the model of a stablecoin.

As for the transfer of assets, this token has the possibility of sending them through several Ethereum networks such as ERC-20, ERC-721 or ERC-1155, so we are facing a token with high usability such as DeFi, Synthetix, Lyra, Perpetual, AAVE, Instadapp, Tornado Cash and several NFTs ecosystems.

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