Quant (QNT)

Quant (QNT)

What is Quant (QNT)?

Quant - a cryptocurrency that has the purpose of connecting different blockchains.
  • QNT was launched in the year of 2018 with one purpose: to connect different blockchains to maintain the interoperability code of chains.
  • QNT has its own operating system called Overledger Network, which allows the creation of decentralized multi-chain applications (mDapps).
  • Its token limit is 14,612,493.00 and currently more than 80% are already in circulation.

Key Metrics Quant (QNT)


Precio Reciente$115.37
Cap de Mercado
Suministro Circulante
12,072,738.00 QNT
Suministro Total
14,612,493.00 QNT
Suministro Máximo
14,612,493.00 QNT

About Quant (QNT)

Quant (QNT) is a cryptocurrency that was launched in the year of 2018 with a single purpose: to be able to connect different blockchains around the world to continue the principle of network efficiency. This connection capability is due to its operating system called Overledger Network.

The QNT token can be mined or created, but the total number of Quants is exactly 14, 612, 493. It is estimated that there are currently 12 million in circulation, so more than 80% of them are already on the market.

Speaking of Overledger Network, it is the first operating system created within a blockchain, so it has the main feature that developers can create applications called mDapps. In other words, these applications have the ability to run on different Blockchain, even simultaneously.

Overledeg does not only connect on Blockchain, as it can also do so directly on databases, CRM systems and even DLT. Another feature of this operating system is that it does not require additional blockchains, so the processes performed here are seamless.

To access the Overledge operating system, all users need to first purchase a QNT token, something that also gives you the ability to encrypt and sign transactions, in addition to the already explained feature of transferring digital assets between different cryptocurrency chains or exchanges.

Additionally, QNT allows people to create smart contracts on blockchains that do not even have it listed (as with Bitcoin).

How does QNT work?

One thing about QNT and Quant Network is that it is not very clear how it works, as it is not an open source project. But, what we can check is how the whole ecosystem that helps QNT work properly works, which has the following elements:

  • Overledger OS.
  • Multithreaded applications (mApps).
  • The Overledger network.
  • Market
  • QNT token.

The heart of the ecosystem is the operating system, as we mentioned above. Being of the 'hyper-decentralized' type, it allows everything to run quickly and the stored data is kept in one place.

Users do not know exactly how the operating system works, but it is true that it is based on Google's Kubernetes technology (which is open source). This allows the network to support a large number of users and buyers without crashing the network. In fact, it can correct any errors automatically improving its usability.

In addition to trading cryptocurrencies, Overledger Network gives users the ability to buy and sell mApps and their data. All transactions are going to be executed through a Treasury and through smart contracts created by Ethereum.

For TruBit Pro it is very important to be able to offer its users the widest list of trading pairs that suit the needs of each of them. It is for this reason that QNT/USDT comes to our spot trading.

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